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5 Minute Pillow Craft using Chalk Couture

Have you ever spent a ton of money on craft supplies only to never use them because you don’t have time to make a said craft? Sometimes, we spend more time shopping for supplies than we do making crafts. It’s hard to make time for crafting, and let’s face it… sometimes it can be intimidating… Read More »

Free Online Art Lessons for Kids

Did school close due to Coronavirus? Join us for FREE online art lessons for kids (and adults). Ease some anxiety with art therapy, learn how to create awesome projects, and enjoy getting creative. FAQ How Do I Sign Up?-Please go to our YouTube “Subscribe”-Click the bell icon to be notified when we post new… Read More »

Get ABC Mouse for only $45 for the Year

The amount of resources for learning at home during the COVID19 pandemic is overwhelming, in a good way. So many amazing places are offering classes for free or at a deep discount. This coming week, I plan to highlight some of my favorite homeschooling and learning at home resources that are available right now. I… Read More »

Kids Crafts – Nature Collage

The average American child spends 4 to 7 minutes a day in unstructured outdoor playtime compared to over 7 hours per day in front of a screen.  Playing on a tablet, computer, or playing video games seems safer and easier, but the social difficulties and increase of diseases such as obesity and diabetes prove that… Read More »

Garden Art Using Old Chairs

One of my favorite ways to decorate my yard with garden art is by using old chairs. They’re versatile and shockingly beautiful when paired with some flowers. Where to Find Old Chairs Most of the time old chairs are free and found on the side of the road. If you have no luck with that,… Read More »

How to Make Handmade Paper

They love to draw, write, shred, paint, color… you name it. I love that they are so creative! But, I also run out of printer paper faster than I can blink. I had an idea one day to make some handmade paper so they could see how they used to make paper before machines. They… Read More »

Chalk Couture – An Honest Review

Chalk Couture… Is it worth the hype? Here’s my review of Chalk Couture‘s transfers, pastes, and inks. Haven’t heard of Chalk Couture? Chalk Couture is a new set of products that is revolutionizing crafting. Chalk Couture makes reusable adhesive transfers that can be applied to almost any surface. They also make chalk paste, which can be used with their… Read More »

Recycle Markers Using Crayola ColorCycle

Markers are a wonderful invention. We can create such vibrant and beautiful artwork with markers. Markers bring so much color to our world. There is just one caveat – when your markers are dried out and unusable, you come to find out that you cannot recycle markers through local recycling centers. Did you know every… Read More »