FREE ART LESSONS FOR KIDS – Supply List for April 20 – May 15

By | May 11, 2021

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed and participated in our Free Art Lessons for Kids on our YouTube channel! You are all rock stars and I have LOVED seeing everyone’s artwork. It has truly brought so much sunshine to our days! We’ve absolutely loved doing these lessons with you all and it’s been amazing to see the projects from not just around the US, but around the world!

Also, thank you all for your patience. Some days I just couldn’t get the lesson uploaded. Technology hasn’t been my friend lately, and between filming on an iPhone to editing on an iPad, and then running out of space on my devices, it’s been a challenge. I still have a 35-minute video I can’t get uploaded from last week! I’m looking into new technology so we don’t have that issue and editing/uploading doesn’t take so long.

For our next several weeks of lessons, we will have lessons posted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We were filming lessons either the night before or the day of, and when technology wasn’t my friend, that didn’t work out so well with getting lessons posted on time. This way, we can film a couple over the weekend and a couple on Wednesdays, and hopefully stay on schedule. 🙂

Here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Our next lesson plan and supply list!
Some have mentioned they aren’t able to purchase or find some supplies, and that’s TOTALLY OKAY! Participate in some lessons or all lessons if you can. Purchase supplies you don’t have or make do with alternate supplies you already have at home. No pressure, we just want you to have fun and get creative!

This time around, we have chosen to use Blick as our art supplier (with the exception of one item). Blick has excellent customer service, is very fast at shipping items out, and carries extremely high-quality art supplies. Our supply list is affiliate links and though it does not cost you any additional to purchase through our links, it does help support our mission of free art lessons by providing us with a small affiliate commission. Any items you purchase through our Blick links go toward our affiliate account and are like a little donation for our art lessons – same with our Amazon affiliate links – any items you purchase through our link provide affiliate commissions. Pretty awesome that you can purchase your supplies or household items, and simultaneously donate to Wild Free and Crafty without even spending extra! 😉

By the way, do you know someone who loves art or could use a creative outlet? Our subscription boxes will make an amazing gift for family, friends, essential workers… getting creative is such a welcome distraction and it’s a great way to show someone you’re thinking about them.
We plan on launching around May 1st with an adult’s Art + Crafts Crate and an Arts + Crafts Crate for Kids! Follow our Facebook Group for a special deal and to follow our box launch journey HERE.

Here is the LESSON PLAN (Shop supplies below):

Monday, April 20th – Fancy Bugs
Black construction paper, oil pastels

Tuesday, April 21st – Melted Crayon Rocks
Crayons, rocks

Thursday, April 23rd – Heart Suncatchers
Laminate sheets, black glue, colored sharpies

Friday, April 24th – How to Paint a Unicorn
Canvas, pencil, acrylic paints, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet
Graphite paper if you’d like to use our template

Monday, April 27th – Sweet Sloths
Canvas, pencil, acrylic paints, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet
Graphite paper if you’d like to use our template

Tuesday, April 28th – Painted Fairy Houses
Mini Terra Cotta pots, paint pens, outdoor acrylic paints, Mod Podge

Thursday, April 30th – A Color of His Own – Chameleon Watercolor Painting
Watercolor paper, pencil, watercolor paints

Friday, May 1st – How to Draw a Dinosaur
Paper, pencil

Monday, May 4th – Scratch Art!
Scratch Art paper OR crayons and black oil pastel, a tool to scratch paper

Tuesday, May 5th – Pointillism & Georges Seurat
Q Tips, Watercolor paint, Watercolor paper, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet

Thursday, May 7th – How to Draw a Dog
Paper, pencil

Friday, May 8th – Bubbles
Black construction paper, oil pastels (or chalk pastels)

Monday, May 11th – Tin Foil Doodles – Mermaids & Dragons
Aluminum Foil, Paper, Colored Sharpies

Tuesday, May 12th – Ice Cream Painting
Painting paper, shaving cream, glue, cardboard, acrylic paint, food dye

Thursday, May 14th – Tissue Paper Painting
Various colors of tissue paper, white crayon, cardstock, or painting paper

Friday, May 15th – Rainy Day and Rainbows Self Portrait
Watercolors, watercolor paper, pencil, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet, printed picture of you, glue, white crayon