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Money-Saving Tips

Your family budget does not necessarily have to fit a template – even if you do use a template, you can customize it. A budget that really fits your style and family dynamic tend to be a lot easier to stick with, and can even be fun! Here are some creative money-saving tips for making… Read More »

How to Make Handmade Paper

They love to draw, write, shred, paint, color… you name it. I love that they are so creative! But, I also run out of printer paper faster than I can blink. I had an idea one day to make some handmade paper so they could see how they used to make paper before machines. They… Read More »

Learning Shapes Through Baking

This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn a tiny commission if you choose to purchase through our links. You do not pay any extra for your products and I only recommend items that I trust. For toddler and preschool-age children, the world is full of new things to discover and learn about. One… Read More »