Recycle Markers Using Crayola ColorCycle

By | March 24, 2018

Markers are a wonderful invention. We can create such vibrant and beautiful artwork with markers. Markers bring so much color to our world. There is just one caveat – when your markers are dried out and unusable, you come to find out that you cannot recycle markers through local recycling centers.

Did you know every marker you toss into the garbage goes into a landfill and stays there forever? It might not seem like much for one household, but think about this – Crayola manufactures 465 million markers every year. Most markers dry up within a year. Now that’s A LOT of markers in our landfills. 

What if I told you there was a better way?!

Crayola has a program called ColorCycle, where you can pack up your dried-out markers, ship them to Crayola, and they will recycle them into fuel. How cool is that? 

How to Recycle Markers With ColorCycle

To recycle your markers, simply…

  1. Collect the markers and count how many you have.
  2. Pack the markers into a box and adhere a shipping label to the box. Crayola pays for all shipping charges.
  3. FedEx will pickup the box and deliver it to Crayola so the markers can be recycled into fuel.

Get started HERE.

Make An Impact In Your Home AND School When You Recycle Markers

Even better is that you can not only make a change in your own home, but also in your local schools. Get in touch with your school administrators or Parent Teacher Organization about participating in the Crayola ColorCycle program so you can make an even bigger impact. 

Go to this link to learn how you can start recycling your markers today through the Crayola ColorCycle Program.

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