Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?

By | March 24, 2022

The acceptance of Terrazzo Tiles has wholly taken over the entire market, and many homes have embraced the elegance of Terrazzo. This composite material forms some unique touches to a building. All the elements including the Terrazzo tiles make the house elegant and beautiful to behold. 

When Terrazzo tiles are used on walls, floors, basement, stairway, and bathroom, it gives the house a kind of atmosphere the homely and livable. The popularity and the benefits made the terrazzo tile widely accepted and preferred.

Meanwhile, there have been some other tiles material in the market. Still, terrazzo flooring tiles became the choice of everyone because of some notable characteristics that it possesses above every other available tiles material.

Both in the bathroom and kitchen, Terrazzo is the choice. Terrazzo Tiles has existed for over a thousand years, yet it still maintains the beauty and quality that people want.

Terrazzo Tiles have proven better than marble and ceramic tiles compared to other materials. The elements that formed the Terrazzo Tiles, like glass, granite, marble, and quartz, make it look beautiful and luxurious and completely change the house’s look. 

Terrazzo has become the home design alternatively to other materials made of tiles. After the installation of terrazzo tiles, it looks so unique and admiring. Also, the makeup of Terrazzo Tiles is simple and easy.

Classes of Terrazzo Tiles

  1. Rustic Terrazzo.

The look and design of the rustic Terrazzo Tiles have a slippery and smooth surface, the exterior is rough, and it has slight friction. This particular one is durable for outdoor to avoid falling. The thickness of rustic Terrazzo is from half inches to six inches. Moreover, the manufacturer of this rustic Terrazzo can make out any patterns, colors, and textures they want. Places like garages, hotels, and restaurants are suitable for rustic Terrazzo Tiles. Visit to read about Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney.

  1. Sand Cushion Terrazzo

This type of Terrazzo Tiles is versatile, and majorly it creates logos and designs on the surface. This particular is made of wire reinforcement. This Terrazzo Tile is better used for flooring because of the design and logo. The character of this specific Terrazzo is elegant and admirable. Sand Cushion Terrazzo Tiles has a high level of patronage because it shines and glitters. Unlike other Terrazzo, this particular weighs from 25 to 30 pounds, and the thickness is 3 inches.

  1. Epoxy Terrazzo Tiles

This particular one is the most popular for Terrazzo look tiles out of the Terrazzo Tiles variance. The making of this one involves a porcelain coating or a complex or thick resin on a solid slab in other to contain the mixture. This Terrazzo is durable for flooring and walling of the bathroom and kitchen. It is desirable, and it also beautifies the floor and anywhere it has been installed. It is also a modern material in homes. 

Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?
  1. Bonded Terrazzo Tiles.

While this Terrazzo was called Bonded Terrazzo because of its solidity and evenness with cement. Unlike the epoxy Terrazzo, there are few restrictions in installing the bonded Terrazzo. The floor must be leveled appropriately and constructed, and a professional is highly needed to handle that. The panel size also has a way of limiting the production of the design. 

Also, weight and thickness are factors to look into. Meanwhile, there are many advantages of this particular Terrazzo Tiles. The thickness ranges from  1.75 inches to 2.25 inches, while the weight measures 18 to 22 pounds.

  1.  Monolithic Terrazzo Tiles.

This kind of Terrazzo is the choice of designers and architects. It is easy to install, and the pricing is friendly. It is durable and beautiful for schools, malls, and stores. The weight is around 5 to 7 pounds, and the thickness is half inches. 

Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?

Steps to maintain Terrazzo Tile

This article contains helpful information on thoroughly maintaining Terrazzo Tile to retain elegance and beauty. Your house must always have good house maintenance, leaving no stain or water on the Terrazzo to absorb. The surface of your floor and everywhere the Terrazzo tiles are installed must remain clean and neat. Checkouts for Interior Designers Share the Home Decor Tips Everyone Should Know Before They Turn 30

Check below to see the steps that guide you to clean your Terrazzo Tiles.

  1. Firstly you will need a neutral cleaner and a sealer. The neutral cleaner is a liquid industrial floor cleaner; it’s basically for concrete, Tiles, and natural stones. Indeed, it will not wear the beauty of the Terrazzo away. Though there are several neutral cleaners, you can ask the installer to recommend the appropriate one for you.
  2. It is crucial to scrub the floors thoroughly and everywhere the Terrazzo is installed twice or more in a week. Washing and rinsing the floor always helps remove settled dust depending on how people walk on it. It is essential to know that the installer may not thoroughly clean the Terrazzo Tiles. That is why scrubbing and rinsing are necessary to maintain the design and color.
  3. Also, dust mopping helps in securing the beauty of the Terrazzo Tiles. This should be regular dusting because dust has a way of diminishing the color. The longer the dust settles on the tiles, the more color fades.
  4. Peradventure, the manufacturer recommends a particular maintenance product made the Terrazzo Tiles you installed; your adherence to that instruction will help your tiles to last longer. Maintenance of the Terrazzo Tile is vital in securing the tiles’ longevity and sustaining the designs and color, making Terrazzo stand out from every other tile we have. 


This article contains information and answers to every question and doubt you may be having about Terrazzo Tiles. This article will guide capable of guiding and help to choose the best Terrazzo Tiles. If your quest has been about which tile will be suitable for your home and how to make your home beautiful and elegant, Terrazzo Tile is the best option you can count on. History has proven Terrazzo tile’s durability and ability to last longer than any other tile material.