Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

By | March 24, 2022

One of the most vital questions to ask when finishing up the home is tiles for floors and walls. And when it comes to the option of terrazzo tiles, the cost of installation and maintenance takes the front seat in that decision. 

In some quarters, certain people who buy terrazzo tile believe that it is the most expensive flooring system that anyone can have. Comparatively, they can be more costly than installing granite or even marble. 

In addition, the process of installing terrazzo floor tiles in Sydney, Australia, may add to the workmanship of a professional. Terrazzo installation may be a mountain to climb without a professional touch, unlike installing concrete, marble on marble.

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

Therefore, hiring a professional adds to the cost of home finishing for your home when choosing terrazzo tiles. If you want the direct, simple answer, it’s a Yes. Terrazzo tiles are expensive and can add significant value to your home. 

Moreover, this value becomes a good return for the money you invest in it. Much more than the simple answer, this article analyses some of the most important things you must know about terrazzo tiles. Again, it answers some vital questions about installing and maintaining terrazzo tiles. 

The Pricing Structure of Terrazzo Tiles

Various factors contribute to the pricing structure of terrazzo tiles in the plot of the home interior installation. But this variation clearly depends on

  • The size of the floor or wall where you want to apply terrazzo tiles
  • Are there tiles on the floor, or is it a poured floor?
  • What is the size of tiles that you need or want to use?
  • The source material of the terrazzo, which could be resin or cement template
  • Variations on the type of finishes on it, including the polished or honed finishes
  • Cost of installation through hiring a professional who usually charges by the hour
Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

What value do I have for investing in terrazzo tiles?

Apart from the durability of terrazzo tiles, which is worth all the world to invest in, you can also enjoy many benefits. For instance, the terrazzo provides you with an excellent value for your money, even if it is more than traditional tiles.

A wise decision will be to invest in durable flooring that you will not have to think of replacing anytime soon. Therefore, if you want a luxurious design that adds significant value to your home or office space, then choose terrazzo tiles. 

Other attributes worth mentioning include the ability to resist water, scratches, mildew growth, and other impacts. In other words, terrazzo tiles give you a long-lasting flooring investment for your space if you install them the right way. You can read about Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others by visiting

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

How easy is the installation of Terrazzo tiles?

Although it is often generally believed that installing terrazzo tiles requires the help of a professional, there is hardly any particular skill in the pattern of laying them. In other words, you simply have to employ the traditional method of laying tiles to install them.

However, it does not remove the fact that you should do it if you can afford to pay a professional installer. One of you may need a professional is when you need to prepare the grouting system or the floor’s framework. Or better still, a professional brings a tile saw, which saves you a lot of time and effort if you attempt to do it on your own. 

They are also easier to maintain overuse because many models don’t require any other type of adhesive during installation. Unlike installing traditional tiles that require special prepping, terrazzo tiles need the least prepping process before installation. 

You can even install these terrazzo tiles over an uneven old subfloor serving as the underlying frame. Meanwhile, the interlocking edges of the tiles can fit together securely and ensure they do not pull apart when in use. They can also disappear after connecting them together. 

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

How can I spend less on installing Terrazzo Floor Tiles?

The following ways are essential in reducing the cost of installing terrazzo tiles in the home

  • Choose a standard design from the typical collection
  • Select a standard size or thickness of the terrazzo tiles that can still keep your prices at the average level
  • Choose supply only if you have a professional installer at your disposal with whom you can renegotiate the cost of workmanship. On the other hand, you can decide to use a DIY approach to the terrazzo tiles installation 
  • Choose a hones tiles finish rather than a luxury one. Besides, the honed finish is frequently the standard finish. 

With these general ideas in mind, one can also consider using unique terrazzo tiles such as the SupraTile 7 mm designer Vinyl Top Series. This particular model ensures a beautiful and captivating look of terrazzo floor tiles.

Meanwhile, it costs only about 9 USD per square foot, comparable to the most traditional terrazzo tiles that you can buy. At the same time, it is an excellent choice for anyone planning to use the DIY approach. By implication, you can save the cost of hiring a professional tiles. You can read about top working from home tips from around the world by clicking here.

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

Furthermore, when installing the vinyl terrazzo tiles, you can save a great deal with this consideration compared to traditional terrazzo. In other words, if there is no need to hire a professional installer for your floor and wall tiles, you better take it.

Similarly, you may not even need tools such as a tile saw if you have to install the tiles on your own. This particular set of tiles is also highly durable as it can withstand a lot of pressure and weight. You can simply use it for a long time before thinking of a new flooring replacement.


While some homeowners may shy away from the cost of terrazzo tiles in Sydney, Australia, others instead see the value of the investment. While the owner who installs traditional tiles have to repair and replace them, the tiles made of terrazzo are still standing strong. This durability and longevity ensure the tiles are worth the installation cost.