Different subway tiles you can pick from

Different subway tiles you can pick from

Tiles are a good surface for interior spaces such as decks and patios due to their durability, ease of maintenance, and greater stability and permanence than pavers. There are several varieties of subway tiles, but they are all beautiful and durable enough to withstand the elements. Understanding some of the most popular interior tile selections can assist you in choosing the ideal surface material for your deck or patio.

The Most Effective Interior Tile Options

Subway Tiles Made of Natural Stone

The word “natural stone” refers to tiles consisting of granite, slate, limestone, and travertine. These materials are famous for their ability to blend effortlessly into an interior setting. However, you will pay a premium for their attention-grabbing look. While polished stone subway tiles are fashionable and simple to maintain, they may become slippery when wet. Tumbled or honed natural stone subway tiles are safer due to their inherent slide resistance.


Due to the fact that granite subway tiles are the toughest natural stone tiles, they are very durable and resistant to the weather. If you’re searching for a natural stone appearance, this is one of the finest interior tile alternatives. Consider granite if you reside in an area of the nation with considerable seasonal weather changes. Additionally, granite subway tiles come in a variety of hues, ranging from stark white to somber black.


Marble is somewhat softer and more porous than granite, thus it requires sealing to survive foot activity and the elements. Its distinctive veined finish lends it a classy appearance that many homeowners like. Marble tiles are available in a variety of hues, ranging from white to black. While polished marble is elegant, slip-resistant rough marble subway tiles are a more prudent option for interior flooring.


While slate is softer than granite and marble, it is still durable enough to be used on a deck or patio. Unlike other natural stone tiles, there are never two identical slate subway tiles. Due of the variety of colors and textures, employing slate tiles may provide significant aesthetic appeal. Natural slate tiles come in a variety of earthy colors, including gray, green, brown, tan, and orange.

Different subway tiles you can pick from


Because limestone is a softer, more porous stone, it requires sealing to protect it from stains and weather damage. Additionally, it is prone to wear, making them unsuitable for heavy traffic locations. Additionally, they are prone to cracking during the cold winter months. The peculiar holes in the stone produce an interesting texture that limestone enthusiasts can’t get enough of. Limestone is a light-colored stone that ranges in hue from white to brown. While polished limestone subway tiles may become slippery when wet, there are non-slip tumbled varieties suitable for decks near pools and open-air patios.


Travertine is a form of limestone composed mostly of calcite. It is comparable in texture and composition to ordinary limestone but is somewhat softer and more brittle. Due to the pitted and porous nature of travertine subway tiles, similar to limestone, they must also be sealed before being utilized outside. They are especially prone to cracking in very cold places, even with adequate maintenance. Travertine subway tiles, due to their greater softness, will exhibit wear more quickly than other stone subway tiles. However, if you live in a temperate area and do not often use your deck or patio, you will like its warm, golden appearance.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain subway tiles are not only used in bathrooms. Porcelain tiles designed for interior usage are the best option for your deck or patio area. These non-porous, fade-resistant, and very durable clay-based subway tiles.

Different subway tiles you can pick from

Porcelain subway tiles, which are cooked in very hot kilns, do not break under adverse weather conditions, like stone tiles do. As a result, they are an excellent alternative for residences in places with very hot summers and bitterly cold winters. Because porcelain subway tiles are most often found in bathrooms, you should be convinced of their water-repellent features. Porcelain subway tiles installed outside will never absorb water, even in the event of a severe downpour. This also prevents them from cracking in cold situations.

Porcelain subway tiles need less effort to keep clean due to its non-porous nature. If anything spills, just sweep them clean and wash them off with a towel and soapy water.

Porcelain tiles are also aesthetically attractive. They come in a range of colors and designs, including imitations of genuine stone, wood, and concrete.

However, polished porcelain subway tiles may be somewhat slippery, particularly when wet. Choosing a porcelain tile with a matte texture will increase grip and help prevent accidents. Interiors, porcelain subway tiles with the greatest slip resistance rating are the safest. However, bear in mind that the more rough the porcelain tile, the more difficult it will be to clean.

Different subway tiles you can pick from

Tiles for Wood & Composite Decking

Additionally, wood subway tiles are an excellent alternative for deck and patio spaces. They’re fashioned from hardwoods to ensure they’re durable enough to withstand foot usage and exposure to the interiors. Ipe and bangkirai are two of the most widely available wood tiles nowadays. The natural grain of Ipe wood tiles is very beautiful. Additionally, they are naturally resistant to deterioration, insects, and fire, providing homeowners with genuine peace of mind. Additionally, Bangkirai wood tiles are insect resistant, even damaging termites. Because they’re suitable for both interior and outdoor applications, they’re an excellent alternative for homeowners looking to make a smooth transition between inside and outside recreational spaces such as decks and patios.

Wood subway tiles are one of the most economical interior tile solutions due to their widespread availability. Additionally, they come in a wider variety of hues than you may imagine. From creamy mild woods to dramatic darker woods, wood subway tiles provide a variety of aesthetics at a reasonable price. Certain wood tiles include raised PVC platforms to aid with drainage.

Lay your wood subway tiles on a firm concrete or asphalt surface to lengthen their life. Additionally, you’ll need to schedule time for continuous maintenance. Wood subway tiles, like other wood goods, should be power cleaned and coated with wood finish every three years to maintain its appearance and longevity.

Composite decking is an excellent alternative for individuals looking for low-maintenance decking. It is less prone to water damage and has a longer lifespan. The term “composite” refers to the fact that it is composed of both plastic and wood fibers.

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Core Questions about First-Time Buyers Agent in Sydney

Core Questions about First-Time Buyers Agent in Sydney

As we examine the property market in recent times, we cannot overlook the increasing number of homeowners. However, if we divorce the role of professional buyer’s agents from this trend, we will be making a huge mistake. In other words, it is hardly possible for any first-time homebuyer to succeed without an effective buyer’s agent in Sydney by his side. When a prospective buyer finally decides to buy a home, he has many questions.

For example, he wants to identify the best suburb for the home. He evaluates his budget and thinks of the aftermath. Owning a buyers agency newcastle takes more than wishful thinking, particularly in this world economy. One must be well-informed of the pros and cons of owning a property and if one needs the help of a buyer’s agent. Otherwise, the process that would have been quick and exciting can soon become a nightmare due to negligence. 

Core Questions about First-Time Buyers Agent in Sydney

Having an agent can alleviate many points of confusion and can make you scale through many hurdles. Therefore, this article will address some basic questions about why first-time buyers need an agent. More so, the provided answers should influence the perspective of home buyers.

Question 1: Who is Buyer’s Agent?

It is only natural to ask this question without assuming everyone already knows. Another importance is that we are talking about first-time buyers here. So, there really is not anything to lose in understanding what these buyer’s agents can do for you and what they cant do before finding one. The buyer’s agent is the one that works on behalf of the potential buyer to search for suitable properties that match the buyer’s needs. 

When he identifies a good option, he negotiates on the buyer’s behalf, presents the seller’s offer through his agent and prepares the necessary reports. In addition, the buyer’s agent also conducts property inspections and receives and holds deposits if need be. You can pay a buyer’s agent with a flat agreed fee or a percentage of the deal’s worth or home price. The agent is like your third eye in the transaction. 

Core Questions about First-Time Buyers Agent in Sydney

Question 2: What expertise can I expect from a Sydney Buyer’s agent?

Many hidden questions affect what a buyer gets at the end of the day. For instance, what side of a street is worth more than the other? Which of the suburbs is still up and coming? What developments are projected in this area in the future? One common thing about these questions is that only an expert in the real estate business can ask these questions and answer them. And the internet will not provide adequate answers to these questions, but an agent will.

Due to the years of experience, skills, and expertise, a buyer’s agent has, he is the right person to call for a home purchase. Apart from that, these agents are part of many organizations that provide valid, vital, and current information. Such info may include news, analyses, data, and reports on what goes on in each area and the future. And if your agent discovers that a property can cause future problems, they may advise you against it. 

Core Questions about First-Time Buyers Agent in Sydney

Question 3: What is unique about real estate markets? 

No matter the number of years you have spent in commerce, you cannot assume general laws work here. The real estate sector is ruled by many spoken, written, and unwritten rules by’ here’. So, you may not be able to import laws directly from the street markets into the real estate business. In the end, you may regret not involving a buyer’s agent in negotiating with a seller. 

For instance, every vendor has a price in mind in real estate, but no party wants to show his desperation to sell or buy the property. But when you introduce a buyer’s agent, there is really no prejudice or bias. They can learn the tricks that work with your needs and state a fair offer that both parties can start with. Also, using a buyer’s agent means that you are not emotionally tied in the process, which may cause you to overpay beyond your budget. 

Core Questions about First-Time Buyers Agent in Sydney

Question 4: Does the buyer’s agent add any other benefit?

The agent’s expertise is an essential factor in determining whether the agent provides the expected value or not. The relationship you should hope to get from the agent should go beyond just finding and buying the right property. He can actually be a friend you can build trust with over time. Remember that you want to remove all complications in the process and make it a hassle-free experience.

Apart from the primary service an agent offers to a buyer in Sydney, he can also introduce you to his network. Since real estate transactions always involve many professionals, you may need to come into that circle as a potential investor in the future. Some of the other team members you may need to meet include building inspectors, mortgage brokers, conveyancers and insurance brokers. 

Core Questions about First-Time Buyers Agent in Sydney

Final note

In conclusion, the buyer’s agent should be able to provide satisfactory answers to the questions in a buyer’s heart. As a buyer, you should also note the following fundamental rules about your would-be buyer’s agents:

  • The agents are on your side to please you. He is not trying to side-tackle you with the seller because the seller also has his own agent. 
  • Buyer’s agents know the rules, giving them the ground to advise you on what they think is the best decision. 
  • Agents have invaluable experience in the real estate business. In other words, a first-time buyer should listen to them and respect their opinions.
  • They know people in their network that can also assist in making your dream a reality
  • They are more familiar with the neighbourhood. If you think you know the area, there is a way, and there are some things that the buyer’s agent knows that you don’t know.

Finally, both the buyer and the buyer’s agent must respect each other’s opinions, wishes, goals, and aspirations to complete the property deal. And it is best to rely on the real estate agent’s expertise to make sure that you are making an intelligent investment. 

Fact-checking Questions for a Buyers Agent in Sydney

Fact-checking Questions for a Buyers Agent in Sydney

Fake buyers agents are becoming more and more popular in Sydney. And these ones are taken advantage of, especially the first-time buyers who know close to nothing. In some cases, they may have their way with experienced real estate investors who don’t know the right things to do. You may have noticed some of the signs or encountered some of them. But after reading this article, you will be able to spot them a mile away when you see the signs.

According to the management authority, the real estate sector requires a high level of expertise. And not everyone claiming to be a newcastle buyers agent are qualified for the job. Some of them are simply mouthing what they have no idea about. At the same time, it may not always be obvious to tell the difference except you subject them to these litmus tests. The result will tell you if you are dealing with a rookie who has not even undergone any training.

Before you commit your finance to their hands for their services, you will need to consider the questions we raised in this article. Generally, a poor buyer’s agent has no idea about due diligence. He is primarily concerned about the money he will make from a deal rather than satisfying the Buyer. He fails on a fiduciary duty to clients to understand the job’s ethics; he just wants to do away with all these and keep the money. Click here for a complete buyers’ agent agreement.

Let us consider some of the crucial questions you must provide answers to;

Vital questions to test the genuineness of a Buyers Agent in Sydney

  1. Does this agent provide genuine independence in making decisions in rendering perfectly satisfactory service to me as a buyer? This question is not entirely about whether the agent works with a buyer’s agency in Sydney or an independent agent. What is important is that will he always have to defer decision-making to another, or he can provide solutions?
  2. Is there a direct advanced fee a buyer is supposed to make before proceeding far with the job at hand? Check if there is any fixed price the negotiation will require you to pay and double-check them. In addition, do they earn commissions, kickbacks or fees from any third party in the equation?
  3. Is there any in-depth area of expertise with the Sydney buyers agency? Examples of such regions are Vendor’s advocacy and Buyer’s advocacy. Or do they have a practical experience in any of these fields?
  4. Has the agent worked in the industry before, with relevant experience with a senior real estate agent? There must be less than 2 years for such expertise. In addition, your Buyer’s agent has a state license to operate in Sydney, excluding obtaining certification by bypassing essential training or taking advantage of local legislation.
  5. What do their social media profiles say about them, especially their LinkedIn? It will even give you an idea of who they used to be before being an agent if they have lied about their experiences. This is also another way to detect it. If you see any inconsistency with all the online records they may have, please run and avoid them. 
Fact-checking Questions for a Buyers Agent in Sydney

Questions about their Experience

  1. Does your real estate agent have an investment qualification to work with investors?
  2. How will you describe their disposition? Are they about a sales approach, making all efforts to sell to you, or is it more like your consultant? The latter approach is better and can cause you to be freer with him. These consultant agents are interested in your sales experience and are not in dire need of your money. In addition, they are better at satisfying your needs through effective customization strategies specifically for you.
  3. Is he thinking like a regular sales agent or more like an advocate? An advocate is the one that negotiates with the best interest of the home investor or Buyer. On the other hand, the sales agent is persuading you with every fibre in his veins for you to just buy.
  4. Any buyers agent who claims to be an expert with many years must demonstrate that experience. So ask them to give you the detail of a property they successfully sold, sale commission, and overall experience in their roles.
  5. Do they pretend to be a buyer’s agent but charge you a management fee before seeing the new property? It is wrong for an agent to demand a commission when the sale has not been made. A professional agent must understand this illegal action well, except something is fishy. 
Fact-checking Questions for a Buyers Agent in Sydney

Questions about the real estate industry and market

  1. Is the buying agent persuading you for an off-market property but will still charge you for it? If the property is not on sale, why get all the benefits? That is unethical. So, you should contact the local selling agents to verify the property and its demands.
  2. Are they full-time house agents in the industry or part-time? You want a home advocate who is 100% available and ready to provide every needed service. A part-time real estate buyer’s agent may not be readily available when you need to discuss something vital with them. Without a full-time commitment to the business role, how can you be sure that he can give you a full-time commitment to the business deal?
  3. When is their business website built? The earlier the business website, the lesser the experience of the agent. For instance, a website from 2018 to 2022 simply indicates that the agent is inexperienced or a rookie at best. However, being a rookie is not an indication of a lack of effectiveness. It only means that it may be difficult for both of you to understand certain things in the market. 
  4. Fake real estate buyers agents are particularly interested in using KPIs to promote their imagery and business brand. Certain statements on their websites about thousands of projects and completed deals within a short period may be impracticable.
  5. What do their statistics look like? Any buyer’s agent using statistics to deceive you without allowing you to make your decision with free will is not to be trusted. It is not wrong to use statistics; I do too. But I must not use it to manipulate my clients. 

How to Elevate your Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

How to Elevate your Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

The terrazzo tiles started from the exterior and now crept into the interior, beginning with this fundamental fact. But now, it is a well-established fact the terrazzo flooring tiles are now a preferred choice for those who can afford the initial cost. Meanwhile, we have proven that this initial cost is eventually justified in the cost-benefit analysis of terrazzo tiles. 

Builders did not discover this excellent flooring material until the 1890s when the application of different materials to structures was prominent. Many people have even doubted the trendy attributes of this style. But it is undeniable that it works for many residential and commercial centers across the world. 

In fact, there are ancient structures made of terrazzo floor tile that have lasted several decades till today. As terrazzo tiles grace unique projects, they also grew popular and acceptability as an integral part of modern architectural designs. How did this fanciful material gain prominence and dominance, starting from the exterior features?

How to Elevate your Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

Class and Durability

Using terrazzo flooring tiles on the exterior parts of a structure is one way this material makes an unforgettable impression. Apart from outer regions, it is also fantastic for interior components in terms of both strength and durability of the concrete pavers. Terrazzo as a finishing material also comes with excellent possibilities in terms of exceptional characteristics.

But the exterior space advances from the practical to the lavish style without any compromise on the sustainability, durability, and ease of maintenance that are typical. At the same time, it is easy to build an outdoor lounge such as a garden oasis or even an outdoor kitchen when you have decided on using terrazzo tiles. At the same time, it can bear against the building exterior’s harsh climates and weather conditions.

Long-lasting Structure

Installing terrazzo tiles on the external portions of the home comes with another advantage, which can outlast many of the other flooring options. A builder can achieve such an impressive output by using some of the most efficient techniques during installation. An additional factor to this end is choosing the right type of finishes, such as an anti-slip portion that adds a new layer of security.

Why do we have to mention the techniques of installation and finishing? The reason is that when terrazzo tiles are not correctly laid, they may not last as much as we intend. In areas with a relatively harsh climate, exposing a poorly finished terrazzo to these conditions may shorten its lifespan. In addition, the facility’s maintenance is not as economical or as easy if the exterior terrazzo installation is not done correctly. 

How to Elevate your Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

Another critical factor to help is using complex aggregates like quartz, river pebbles, and granite with a cement binder. Forming the composite mixture is an essential part of guaranteeing longevity and strength. Combining these features with a consistent maintenance culture in a proper environment results in a clean, shiny, and sturdy space.

In addition, using the external terrazzo flooring tiles is also usable for covering walkways and flooring with optimum utilization. However, it is not limited to exterior portions of the house because it can also be applied to interior spaces such as indoor furniture and cover-tops. It is also achievable within the architectural structure without limiting the designer’s creativity. 

Care and maintenance of Terrazzo tiles

Just as you can expect with the other building materials, you also need consistent and correct care for terrazzo tiles. When you install them on the exterior parts of the home, you should not use any kind of acid-based solution. Instead, a neutral solution is efficient in cleaning together with some specific cleaning tools that are abrasive.

Some of the tools you will need include steel wool brushes, scouring pads, mops, warm water, and, at times, mild soap. Otherwise, harsh cleaning materials can harm the terrazzo tiles. They can even compromise the sealed finish that maintains their integrity. Using a cloth mop to apply a neutral cleaning solution, you can efficiently wipe the dirt away if any dust builds up.

How to Elevate your Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

The minimum time to do your maintenance is once a week, while a more thorough one can increase frequency. The frequency of cleaning depends on the exposure level of the area and the number of people using it. You may also need to consult a terrazzo expert on making any significant change to the construction and maintenance of the feature. 

Aesthetics and Applications of Terrazzo Tiles

Let us set the records straight: terrazzo slabs with unique tiles apply to countertops and stairs benchtops. It can also be applied to both onsite (in-situ) and off-site, which requires transporting them to the site. Terrazzo tiles are highly flexible for use in both commercial and residential spaces. 

Recently, we can now apply terrazzo tiles to external parts and interior spaces. Depending on the size of your area, some of the specific smaller areas include boutiques, condominiums, and office spaces in high-rise buildings. Even if you have a great place in your residential, industrial, and commercial centers, there is no need for large equipment. 

How to Elevate your Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney

It is worth mentioning that terrazzo slabs are exceptionally useful because of the adaptability of their designs. Builders can match the existing color scheme or the building design pattern. And it can serve as an integration into the overall. Typical exterior applications that require durability and strength are the benchtops of public parks or promenades. Click here to read about Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

As the park goers enjoy the aesthetic value of the place, they can also be confident that it will remain there for a long time to come. When these places have the right level of maintenance, which for terrazzo is not burdensome, the structures can stay for a long time to come. 


Apart from the aesthetic value that terrazzo adds to your outdoor spaces, you can also be confident that it contains all you need for a finishing material. It is vital, bold, durable, adaptable, and easy to be maintained. Some builders in a ‘green’ world also have some environmental concerns. However, it has been proven that there is practically no doubt about the ecological safety of the use of terrazzo tiles in exterior spaces. Also checkout Getting the Most Out of Life: 22 Timeless Tips

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

One of the most vital questions to ask when finishing up the home is tiles for floors and walls. And when it comes to the option of terrazzo tiles, the cost of installation and maintenance takes the front seat in that decision. 

In some quarters, certain people who buy terrazzo tile believe that it is the most expensive flooring system that anyone can have. Comparatively, they can be more costly than installing granite or even marble. 

In addition, the process of installing terrazzo floor tiles in Sydney, Australia, may add to the workmanship of a professional. Terrazzo installation may be a mountain to climb without a professional touch, unlike installing concrete, marble on marble.

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

Therefore, hiring a professional adds to the cost of home finishing for your home when choosing terrazzo tiles. If you want the direct, simple answer, it’s a Yes. Terrazzo tiles are expensive and can add significant value to your home. 

Moreover, this value becomes a good return for the money you invest in it. Much more than the simple answer, this article analyses some of the most important things you must know about terrazzo tiles. Again, it answers some vital questions about installing and maintaining terrazzo tiles. 

The Pricing Structure of Terrazzo Tiles

Various factors contribute to the pricing structure of terrazzo tiles in the plot of the home interior installation. But this variation clearly depends on

  • The size of the floor or wall where you want to apply terrazzo tiles
  • Are there tiles on the floor, or is it a poured floor?
  • What is the size of tiles that you need or want to use?
  • The source material of the terrazzo, which could be resin or cement template
  • Variations on the type of finishes on it, including the polished or honed finishes
  • Cost of installation through hiring a professional who usually charges by the hour
Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

What value do I have for investing in terrazzo tiles?

Apart from the durability of terrazzo tiles, which is worth all the world to invest in, you can also enjoy many benefits. For instance, the terrazzo provides you with an excellent value for your money, even if it is more than traditional tiles.

A wise decision will be to invest in durable flooring that you will not have to think of replacing anytime soon. Therefore, if you want a luxurious design that adds significant value to your home or office space, then choose terrazzo tiles. 

Other attributes worth mentioning include the ability to resist water, scratches, mildew growth, and other impacts. In other words, terrazzo tiles give you a long-lasting flooring investment for your space if you install them the right way. You can read about Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others by visiting http://wildfreeandcrafty.com/are-terrazzo-tiles-better-than-others/

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

How easy is the installation of Terrazzo tiles?

Although it is often generally believed that installing terrazzo tiles requires the help of a professional, there is hardly any particular skill in the pattern of laying them. In other words, you simply have to employ the traditional method of laying tiles to install them.

However, it does not remove the fact that you should do it if you can afford to pay a professional installer. One of you may need a professional is when you need to prepare the grouting system or the floor’s framework. Or better still, a professional brings a tile saw, which saves you a lot of time and effort if you attempt to do it on your own. 

They are also easier to maintain overuse because many models don’t require any other type of adhesive during installation. Unlike installing traditional tiles that require special prepping, terrazzo tiles need the least prepping process before installation. 

You can even install these terrazzo tiles over an uneven old subfloor serving as the underlying frame. Meanwhile, the interlocking edges of the tiles can fit together securely and ensure they do not pull apart when in use. They can also disappear after connecting them together. 

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

How can I spend less on installing Terrazzo Floor Tiles?

The following ways are essential in reducing the cost of installing terrazzo tiles in the home

  • Choose a standard design from the typical collection
  • Select a standard size or thickness of the terrazzo tiles that can still keep your prices at the average level
  • Choose supply only if you have a professional installer at your disposal with whom you can renegotiate the cost of workmanship. On the other hand, you can decide to use a DIY approach to the terrazzo tiles installation 
  • Choose a hones tiles finish rather than a luxury one. Besides, the honed finish is frequently the standard finish. 

With these general ideas in mind, one can also consider using unique terrazzo tiles such as the SupraTile 7 mm designer Vinyl Top Series. This particular model ensures a beautiful and captivating look of terrazzo floor tiles.

Meanwhile, it costs only about 9 USD per square foot, comparable to the most traditional terrazzo tiles that you can buy. At the same time, it is an excellent choice for anyone planning to use the DIY approach. By implication, you can save the cost of hiring a professional tiles. You can read about top working from home tips from around the world by clicking here.

Are Terrazzo Tiles Expensive to Install in your Sydney Home?

Furthermore, when installing the vinyl terrazzo tiles, you can save a great deal with this consideration compared to traditional terrazzo. In other words, if there is no need to hire a professional installer for your floor and wall tiles, you better take it.

Similarly, you may not even need tools such as a tile saw if you have to install the tiles on your own. This particular set of tiles is also highly durable as it can withstand a lot of pressure and weight. You can simply use it for a long time before thinking of a new flooring replacement.


While some homeowners may shy away from the cost of terrazzo tiles in Sydney, Australia, others instead see the value of the investment. While the owner who installs traditional tiles have to repair and replace them, the tiles made of terrazzo are still standing strong. This durability and longevity ensure the tiles are worth the installation cost. 

Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?

Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?

The acceptance of Terrazzo Tiles has wholly taken over the entire market, and many homes have embraced the elegance of Terrazzo. This composite material forms some unique touches to a building. All the elements including the Terrazzo tiles make the house elegant and beautiful to behold. 

When Terrazzo tiles are used on walls, floors, basement, stairway, and bathroom, it gives the house a kind of atmosphere the homely and livable. The popularity and the benefits made the terrazzo tile widely accepted and preferred.

Meanwhile, there have been some other tiles material in the market. Still, terrazzo flooring tiles became the choice of everyone because of some notable characteristics that it possesses above every other available tiles material.

Both in the bathroom and kitchen, Terrazzo is the choice. Terrazzo Tiles has existed for over a thousand years, yet it still maintains the beauty and quality that people want.

Terrazzo Tiles have proven better than marble and ceramic tiles compared to other materials. The elements that formed the Terrazzo Tiles, like glass, granite, marble, and quartz, make it look beautiful and luxurious and completely change the house’s look. 

Terrazzo has become the home design alternatively to other materials made of tiles. After the installation of terrazzo tiles, it looks so unique and admiring. Also, the makeup of Terrazzo Tiles is simple and easy.

Classes of Terrazzo Tiles

  1. Rustic Terrazzo.

The look and design of the rustic Terrazzo Tiles have a slippery and smooth surface, the exterior is rough, and it has slight friction. This particular one is durable for outdoor to avoid falling. The thickness of rustic Terrazzo is from half inches to six inches. Moreover, the manufacturer of this rustic Terrazzo can make out any patterns, colors, and textures they want. Places like garages, hotels, and restaurants are suitable for rustic Terrazzo Tiles. Visit http://wildfreeandcrafty.com/how-to-elevate-your-outdoor-spaces-with-terrazzo-tiles-in-sydney/ to read about Outdoor Spaces with Terrazzo Tiles in Sydney.

  1. Sand Cushion Terrazzo

This type of Terrazzo Tiles is versatile, and majorly it creates logos and designs on the surface. This particular is made of wire reinforcement. This Terrazzo Tile is better used for flooring because of the design and logo. The character of this specific Terrazzo is elegant and admirable. Sand Cushion Terrazzo Tiles has a high level of patronage because it shines and glitters. Unlike other Terrazzo, this particular weighs from 25 to 30 pounds, and the thickness is 3 inches.

  1. Epoxy Terrazzo Tiles

This particular one is the most popular for Terrazzo look tiles out of the Terrazzo Tiles variance. The making of this one involves a porcelain coating or a complex or thick resin on a solid slab in other to contain the mixture. This Terrazzo is durable for flooring and walling of the bathroom and kitchen. It is desirable, and it also beautifies the floor and anywhere it has been installed. It is also a modern material in homes. 

Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?
  1. Bonded Terrazzo Tiles.

While this Terrazzo was called Bonded Terrazzo because of its solidity and evenness with cement. Unlike the epoxy Terrazzo, there are few restrictions in installing the bonded Terrazzo. The floor must be leveled appropriately and constructed, and a professional is highly needed to handle that. The panel size also has a way of limiting the production of the design. 

Also, weight and thickness are factors to look into. Meanwhile, there are many advantages of this particular Terrazzo Tiles. The thickness ranges from  1.75 inches to 2.25 inches, while the weight measures 18 to 22 pounds.

  1.  Monolithic Terrazzo Tiles.

This kind of Terrazzo is the choice of designers and architects. It is easy to install, and the pricing is friendly. It is durable and beautiful for schools, malls, and stores. The weight is around 5 to 7 pounds, and the thickness is half inches. 

Are Terrazzo Tiles Better than others?

Steps to maintain Terrazzo Tile

This article contains helpful information on thoroughly maintaining Terrazzo Tile to retain elegance and beauty. Your house must always have good house maintenance, leaving no stain or water on the Terrazzo to absorb. The surface of your floor and everywhere the Terrazzo tiles are installed must remain clean and neat. Checkouts for Interior Designers Share the Home Decor Tips Everyone Should Know Before They Turn 30

Check below to see the steps that guide you to clean your Terrazzo Tiles.

  1. Firstly you will need a neutral cleaner and a sealer. The neutral cleaner is a liquid industrial floor cleaner; it’s basically for concrete, Tiles, and natural stones. Indeed, it will not wear the beauty of the Terrazzo away. Though there are several neutral cleaners, you can ask the installer to recommend the appropriate one for you.
  2. It is crucial to scrub the floors thoroughly and everywhere the Terrazzo is installed twice or more in a week. Washing and rinsing the floor always helps remove settled dust depending on how people walk on it. It is essential to know that the installer may not thoroughly clean the Terrazzo Tiles. That is why scrubbing and rinsing are necessary to maintain the design and color.
  3. Also, dust mopping helps in securing the beauty of the Terrazzo Tiles. This should be regular dusting because dust has a way of diminishing the color. The longer the dust settles on the tiles, the more color fades.
  4. Peradventure, the manufacturer recommends a particular maintenance product made the Terrazzo Tiles you installed; your adherence to that instruction will help your tiles to last longer. Maintenance of the Terrazzo Tile is vital in securing the tiles’ longevity and sustaining the designs and color, making Terrazzo stand out from every other tile we have. 


This article contains information and answers to every question and doubt you may be having about Terrazzo Tiles. This article will guide capable of guiding and help to choose the best Terrazzo Tiles. If your quest has been about which tile will be suitable for your home and how to make your home beautiful and elegant, Terrazzo Tile is the best option you can count on. History has proven Terrazzo tile’s durability and ability to last longer than any other tile material.

What is the Best Essential Oil Company?

What is the Best Essential Oil Company?

If you’re new to essential oils, one of the first things you are probably wondering is “What is the best essential oil company ?” It’s overwhelming. I get it. I was brand new to essential oils not too long ago. There are SO many to pick from, and you can even get essential oils at Target and Walmart now. WHAT?

The oils at superstores might seem awfully tempting given their small price. Friends might be promoting specific brands to you but you can’t help but wonder if they’re promoting them because they work for the company, or are those essential oils really the BEST?

Don’t Buy Supermarket Essential Oils!

A little PSA for you – I have crowned myself the Research Queen. I love researching. So believe me when I say, I’ve done my research and I’ve found what I believe is the best essential oil company.

Additionally, I discovered that buying oils from superstores is a big mistake. If they’re so cheap you can’t believe it, they’re too good to be true. They will likely be a waste of money and will not be nearly as effective as pure, high-quality essential oils. In contrast to pure and quality essential oils that go through rigorous testing, supermarket essential oils can sometimes be downright dangerous because they may contain ingredients that shouldn’t be in there.

Will it Pass My Research Competition?

In order for a company to win as the best essential oil company, it had to pass….

1. Quality & Purity

The best essential oil company has “some of the strictest [standards of quality] in the industry. Before we sell an essential oil we do everything possible to establish that it is 100% pure, natural, AND of the highest quality, making it appropriate for use in aromatherapy. To ensure that each oil meets these strict standards, [we work] directly with world-renowned essential oil expert, Robert Tisserand, and several analytical laboratories. […] our oils are sent to one of several third-party laboratories where they undergo multiple tests including Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (also known as GC/MS testing). Every batch of oil we receive goes through both rounds of testing, and these tests will show us the quality of the oil and also what is in the oil.“

2. Organic Essential Oils

Although this isn’t always a necessity for me, I do prefer to ingest only organic foods and body products, so organic essential oils as an option are a big plus. This essential oil company has a TON of organic oils!

3. KID SAFE!!!

This one is HUGE on my list. If there isn’t an easy way to make sure I am diffusing and using oils on my kids that are safe for them, I am out! Certainly, I didn’t want to have to sit there and GOOGLE for 45 minutes before using oil to figure out if it was okay to use on my kids. That’s ridonkulous. However, that’s what I was doing! And I was so tired of it. There is so much conflicting information on the web that I ended up giving up and not using anything because I didn’t want to risk harming my children.

My favorite company has “the first-ever line of essential oils developed especially for children. Formulated by Robert Tisserand for children ages 2–10, KidSafe features a variety of synergies and single oils targeted toward specific issues and ailments common in this age range. All are available as 100% pure, undiluted essential oils as well as pre-diluted roll-ons.

As parents ourselves, [we] wouldn’t settle for anything less than absolute safety. That’s why we invited the world’s foremost expert on essential oil safety, Robert Tisserand, to create the KidSafe line. The level of research, testing, and quality assurance that we put into developing our KidSafe line is unparalleled in the industry. And not only are the oils 100% safe for children, but they are also effective too.”

4. Affordable Price & FREE SHIPPING

It probably sounds like I was asking for the impossible with essential oils. Affordable, high quality, pure, organic, and a kid-safe line. This company came into the essential oils market with this goal in mind – “In 2011, the founders set out to change the essential oils industry by offering the highest quality oils at the lowest price direct to consumers. ” Plus they offer free shipping!

5. No membership or kit buy-in requirements!

You can buy right from the manufacturer and you don’t have to buy a kit or have a membership.


And the Winner is…..

Shocked is an understatement of my reaction when I found the best essential oil company that met all my criteria. I’m pleased to say we have a winner although I was pretty positive my research would result in many failures and I would give up on essential oils forever…

From my research, the best essential oil company is… Plant Therapy!

I CAN NOT say enough GREAT things about this essential oil company and its products. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I almost want to marry them. But that would be weird.


It’s fabulous being able to use the KidSafe line and not worry about using oils on my kids. Also, I love that there are so many Synergies (blends) to choose from for specific issues (like blends that help with mom’s brain…. not that I would know… and attention, calming, sleeping, sickness, upset stomachs..you name it!). Because of their synergies, I don’t have to make up some super witch potion… Cue “Boil, boil, toil, and trouble!”

Shop now for quality essential oils and KidSafe products at Plant Therapy. I totally recommend it.

Don’t know where to start? Read my guide to my top 20 ESSENTIAL essential oils.

Any links that direct you to Plant Therapy are my affiliate links so I may earn a commission if you order. BUT! This doesn’t add on anything to the cost of your order, and your support by purchasing through links on my blog helps support this blog so we can continue to do what we do. And please know, I am only an affiliate of companies and promote products that I personally love and use myself!

5 Minute Pillow Craft using Chalk Couture

5 Minute Pillow Craft using Chalk Couture

Have you ever spent a ton of money on craft supplies only to never use them because you don’t have time to make a said craft? Sometimes, we spend more time shopping for supplies than we do making crafts. It’s hard to make time for crafting, and let’s face it… sometimes it can be intimidating to even start!

This is where Chalk Couture has revolutionized my crafting life. Picture this – you go to the store, find a blank item, buy a blank item, take it home, apply for transfer and paste, and IT’S DONE JUST LIKE THAT.

I made this pillow in literally 5 minutes. First, you’ll need a pillow cover. Pillow covers are available at most craft stores. I purchased mine at IKEA. I have found that the material of IKEA covers work very well with Chalk CoutureChalk Couture also now makes many of their own blanks, so you can get covers through them too!

Open up the pillow cover and put an ink mat between the layers. You will need to “fuzz” your transfer after you remove the backing, which means pressing it onto a clean towel a couple of times. This helps the transfer to not be too sticky or leave residue on your surface. You can then line up the transfer and press it down. For permanent designs, you will need to use Chalkology Ink. Scoop some out and spread it onto the transfer using either a small squeegee or the handheld squeegee. After the ink is spread thin, the remaining ink back into the container and removes the transfer. Voila!

You will want to either a heat press or iron the design to make it permanent. If you are ironing, place a towel over the design and press the iron on its highest heat setting for 30 seconds in each spot.

Fill the pillow with Polyfil or a pillow insert to complete your project.

You will be in love when you discover how easy and quick Chalk Couture projects can be! For more information on our products or to join my team, check out the Chalk Couture website.

Free Online Art Lessons for Kids

Free Online Art Lessons for Kids

Did school close due to Coronavirus? Join us for FREE online art lessons for kids (and adults). Ease some anxiety with art therapy, learn how to create awesome projects, and enjoy getting creative.


How Do I Sign Up?
-Please go to our YouTube channel:
-Click “Subscribe”
-Click the bell icon to be notified when we post new videos

Is It Really Free? What’s the Catch?
Seriously, it’s really free! No catch. I just want to provide a great resource and help our community during difficult circumstances.

I Want to Donate. How Can I Contribute?
There have been many who have requested a donation link. You can donate through this link if you feel it in your heart to do so:
I plan to use some of the proceeds to help families in need in my community and order groceries for those who may be high risk and unable to venture out.
Our supply lists are also Amazon affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you any extra and we receive a small contribution to help us keep doing what we’re doing. 

When do classes start? What time?
Classes begin on Monday, March 16th. You will be able to view our videos at any time after we post them. We record in the morning, edit in the afternoon, and then it takes most of the afternoon and evening for it to upload to YouTube, so you may be participating in lessons the morning after it posts on YouTube.


Our first four lessons will require items most people have at home already. You might have many of the supplies at home for all of the lessons. I recommend purchasing supplies you do not already have at home.  Keep in mind, Amazon may be taking longer than the usual 2 days to ship items, so please order as soon as possible to ensure you have supplies on hand for our art lessons.  Most lessons are suitable for a wide age range, including adults! You can share supplies with your children and create together. My goal is to use a lot of these supplies up within the next few weeks, but if you have supplies left over, it’s great to make art anytime! And, summer break will be here before you know it. 😉  Feel free to join us for all the lessons or some. If you are on a budget, you can substitute with items you have at home already or pick and choose the classes you participate in. Keep in mind, depending on how many children you have participating, these supplies are enough to last far past these classes.

Here is the class schedule along with the supplies needed for each day.

ALL SUPPLIES NEEDED are listed below this list and include buttons to take you straight to that product on Amazon.


DAY 1: Tuesday, March 17 – Pop Art Donuts.
Supplies: Printer paper and markers

DAY 2: Wednesday, March 18 – Zentangle Clover
Supplies: Printer paper and markers

DAY 3: Thursday, March 19 – Mixed Media Honey Bees
Supplies: Bubble Wrap (small bubbles), acrylic paint, paintbrushes, construction paper, crayons, or pastels

DAY 4: Friday, March 20 – Watercolor Sea Turtles
Supplies: Watercolor Paper, Watercolor Paint, Paint Pallet, Paintbrushes, white crayon (do not use washable crayons), a cup of water, and rag

DAY 5: Monday, March 23 – Alcohol Ink Tiles.
Supplies: Ceramic Tiles, Alcohol Inks & Blending solution (or Isopropyl Alcohol) 

DAY 6 Tuesday, March 24 – Watercolor Skyline.
Supplies: Watercolor Paints, sharpies, watercolor paper, brushes, paint pallet, rag, and cup with water

DAY 7:  Wednesday, March 25 – Frida Kahlo – Fruit Still Life.
Supplies: Acrylic paints, canvas, paintbrushes, paint pallet, rag, and cup with water

DAY 8: Thursday, March 26 – Pop Art – Neon Cupcakes.
Supplies: Crayola Neon Pastels, Black Construction Paper

DAY 9: Friday, March 27 – Clay Planters
Supplies: Crayola White Air Dry Clay, Glaze, Acrylic Paint, Clay tools

DAY 10: Monday, March 30 – Clay Cuties.
Supplies: Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay, Clay Tools

DAY 11: Tuesday, March 31 – Watercolor Jellyfish
Supplies: Watercolor paints, watercolor paper, paintbrushes, salt, white crayon (do not use washable crayons), rag, a cup of water

DAY 12: Wednesday, April 1 – Kandinsky – Concentric Circles.
Supplies: Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Paintbrushes, a cup of water, rag

DAY 13: Thursday, April 2 – Kandinsky – Music and Art, Lines and Circles
Supplies: Watercolor paper, Sharpies, Watercolor paint, paint pallet, paintbrushes, a cup of water, and rag

DAY 14: Friday, April 3 – Leaf Clay Dish
Supplies: Crayola Air Dry Clay, Clay Tools, Watercolor Paint, Paint Pallet, Glaze, a cup of water, and rag

DAY 15: Friday, April 4 – Fruity Still Life Sculpture
Supplies: Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay, Clay Tools

DAY 16: Monday, April 7 – The Great Wave
Supplies: Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Paintbrushes, paint pallet, old toothbrush or stiff brush, a cup of water, and rag

DAY 17: Tuesday, April 8 – Skyline on Color Gradation
Supplies: Watercolor Paper, Acrylic Paint, Sharpie, Paintbrushes, Paint Pallet, a cup of water, rag

DAY 18: Wednesday, April 9 – Fancy Bugs
Supplies:  Drawing Paper (or computer paper), Sharpie, Colored Pencils

DAY 19: Thursday, April 10 – Alcohol Ink Feather
Supplies: Alcohol Ink, blending solution, Sharpie, Canvas, Paintbrushes, a cup of water, rag

DAY 20: Friday, April 11 – Decorative Egg Painting
Supplies: Acrylic paint, Eggs

DAY 21: Monday, April 12 – Pastel Solar System
Supplies: Black paper, Crayola neon pastels

If schools go beyond this date, we will post more lesson plans.

FREE ART LESSONS FOR KIDS – Supply List for April 20 – May 15

FREE ART LESSONS FOR KIDS – Supply List for April 20 – May 15

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed and participated in our Free Art Lessons for Kids on our YouTube channel! You are all rock stars and I have LOVED seeing everyone’s artwork. It has truly brought so much sunshine to our days! We’ve absolutely loved doing these lessons with you all and it’s been amazing to see the projects from not just around the US, but around the world!

Also, thank you all for your patience. Some days I just couldn’t get the lesson uploaded. Technology hasn’t been my friend lately, and between filming on an iPhone to editing on an iPad, and then running out of space on my devices, it’s been a challenge. I still have a 35-minute video I can’t get uploaded from last week! I’m looking into new technology so we don’t have that issue and editing/uploading doesn’t take so long.

For our next several weeks of lessons, we will have lessons posted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We were filming lessons either the night before or the day of, and when technology wasn’t my friend, that didn’t work out so well with getting lessons posted on time. This way, we can film a couple over the weekend and a couple on Wednesdays, and hopefully stay on schedule. 🙂

Here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Our next lesson plan and supply list!
Some have mentioned they aren’t able to purchase or find some supplies, and that’s TOTALLY OKAY! Participate in some lessons or all lessons if you can. Purchase supplies you don’t have or make do with alternate supplies you already have at home. No pressure, we just want you to have fun and get creative!

This time around, we have chosen to use Blick as our art supplier (with the exception of one item). Blick has excellent customer service, is very fast at shipping items out, and carries extremely high-quality art supplies. Our supply list is affiliate links and though it does not cost you any additional to purchase through our links, it does help support our mission of free art lessons by providing us with a small affiliate commission. Any items you purchase through our Blick links go toward our affiliate account and are like a little donation for our art lessons – same with our Amazon affiliate links – any items you purchase through our link provide affiliate commissions. Pretty awesome that you can purchase your supplies or household items, and simultaneously donate to Wild Free and Crafty without even spending extra! 😉

By the way, do you know someone who loves art or could use a creative outlet? Our subscription boxes will make an amazing gift for family, friends, essential workers… getting creative is such a welcome distraction and it’s a great way to show someone you’re thinking about them.
We plan on launching around May 1st with an adult’s Art + Crafts Crate and an Arts + Crafts Crate for Kids! Follow our Facebook Group for a special deal and to follow our box launch journey HERE.

Here is the LESSON PLAN (Shop supplies below):

Monday, April 20th – Fancy Bugs
Black construction paper, oil pastels

Tuesday, April 21st – Melted Crayon Rocks
Crayons, rocks

Thursday, April 23rd – Heart Suncatchers
Laminate sheets, black glue, colored sharpies

Friday, April 24th – How to Paint a Unicorn
Canvas, pencil, acrylic paints, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet
Graphite paper if you’d like to use our template

Monday, April 27th – Sweet Sloths
Canvas, pencil, acrylic paints, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet
Graphite paper if you’d like to use our template

Tuesday, April 28th – Painted Fairy Houses
Mini Terra Cotta pots, paint pens, outdoor acrylic paints, Mod Podge

Thursday, April 30th – A Color of His Own – Chameleon Watercolor Painting
Watercolor paper, pencil, watercolor paints

Friday, May 1st – How to Draw a Dinosaur
Paper, pencil

Monday, May 4th – Scratch Art!
Scratch Art paper OR crayons and black oil pastel, a tool to scratch paper

Tuesday, May 5th – Pointillism & Georges Seurat
Q Tips, Watercolor paint, Watercolor paper, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet

Thursday, May 7th – How to Draw a Dog
Paper, pencil

Friday, May 8th – Bubbles
Black construction paper, oil pastels (or chalk pastels)

Monday, May 11th – Tin Foil Doodles – Mermaids & Dragons
Aluminum Foil, Paper, Colored Sharpies

Tuesday, May 12th – Ice Cream Painting
Painting paper, shaving cream, glue, cardboard, acrylic paint, food dye

Thursday, May 14th – Tissue Paper Painting
Various colors of tissue paper, white crayon, cardstock, or painting paper

Friday, May 15th – Rainy Day and Rainbows Self Portrait
Watercolors, watercolor paper, pencil, brushes, a cup of water, rag, paint pallet, printed picture of you, glue, white crayon