Just Be Present

By | March 24, 2021

I can see the tension in your eyes, mama. The worry. The anxiety. Your mind is spinning with thoughts…

Are we going to be quarantined? 
Will we be able to leave our house?
What if we need groceries?
What on earth are my children going to do for the next few weeks? 
What about their education?
What do I tell my kids?

It’s a hard job, being a parent. It’s hard to act like you can carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and not even flinch. But you know they can sense the anxiety and stress now. They don’t have activities or school to distract them anymore, and they know things aren’t normal anymore. But you’re doing your best to stay calm so they stay calm.

You’re researching homeschool programs, planning out the next few weeks’ activities, working on daily schedules to feel a sense of order, control and normalcy.

Take the schedules and toss them out.

Let them learn math as they bake homemade bread with you.
Let them learn science as they dig up worms in the mud of your backyard.
Let them exercise by climbing trees and playing catch with you.
Let them get so absorbed in their painting that they’re practically wearing it.
Snuggle up in a blanket and let them read you a bedtime story, as they enthusiastically act out every scene with a pair of underpants on their head and socks on their hands.
Watch the wind blow through their hair.
Sit back with your coffee and enjoy their silly imaginative conversations with each other.
Set up tents in your living room and watch a movie, with a grand finale of a glowstick dance party to its soundtrack.

The most important thing we can do during this time is to create memories. Love each other, build each other up. Encourage each other and hold each other tight. This will be a time we will never get back. This time isn’t about recreating school at home. It isn’t about filling every moment with activities. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend unhurried time together.  No schedules, nowhere to be, but present.